MY COACHING PHILOSOPHY - Pressing on the ball and space

From the beginning of the world till today football is moving and developing, getting new shapes which change old ones. Football searches and finds new ways, changes us who work with it; we influence over the use of these changes in our way and this is all that improves football itself = keeping the essence of football game. From time to time there is space which can be filled in each part of the game no matter what it is about, technics, physical preparation, tactics, psychological preparation, methodology or systematization of the training etc, all in purpose of getting the top game and top results. Quite a long period of time has passed and football has passed and changed through different phases. The theory tried to follow and explain all that. So it brings us to the question how to beat those who are better than we are and to the answer which leads us through football game because football is one of the rare sports that makes this possible and even more frequent than in any other sport.