Today, September 15, 2015, the first game of the VIVA Superliga is played
Al Naser - Jahra 1: 2
A very dynamic match, abounding with a large number of finished actions ... chances of the both teams, especially in the first half.
Jahra took the 26th minute goal scored by Feisal Zaid from a free kick with about 20m. At the beginning of the second half Al Naser is able to equalize ... but Jahra again had the answer. Only he came in as a substitute on the field Brazil's Tores in this contact with the ball was very well at 16m and scored a goal for 2.1
In the 80th minute, the red card for the right back Jahra but Al Naser failed to materialize this advantage
Worthy victory, significant also because the only Jahra in 1 round managed to score 3 points, because it is a curiosity that all the remaining matches ended with the same result 2: 2 !!!