Today, September 22, 2017, a great derby of the 2nd round was played at the stadium in Jahra
Jahra FC: Al Arabi 2: 1
In a very fierce, tactically very difficult game, the home team confirmed maturity for a serious result this season. Regardless of the fact that Jahra is the last to start preparations and is a big backlog for all teams, she still managed the league and here is the 2nd round holding the top position from a maximum of 6 points.
Before the first goal several opportunities were missed by FC Jahre's offensive player, but he did not wait a long time. 17min midfielder Obaid brings his team into the lead from a fully justifiable penalty spot.
And instead of groggy opponents additionally bet on experience, they unreasonably retreat and leave the ball and play the opponent.
The second half starts very well for the home team ... attacks and chances are being repeated, and in this dominance the Brazilian Tores experienced a 2: 0
The drama was left to the end in the referee's court, which is too narrowly awarded to the penalties for the Araba. Keith's home goalkeeper Bender defends. To the general surprise, the referees make a mistake ... repeat the blow for no known reason and Arabs manages to reduce to 2: 1
That was all that the guests did. By the end, there were countless random games of balls in the 16m of the yard ... but with the help of a lackey and a very concentrated domestic player, they resolved all these situations.
Little ceremony before the game Jahra - Arabi. Presentation of the gift of Arabi FC fans as well as captain Ibrahim Keite, former coach of FC Arabi
09/22/2017 Jahra