5 round VIVA superlige Kuwait
10/20/2017 Jahra - Qadsia 3:1
Great win against the big opponent
Jahra succeeded many years after many generations to celebrate the victory against Qadsie at their stadium. The tradition was absolutely on the side of fc Qadsia, but this generation of Jahre players has overcome all previous generations and managed to secure a place in club history, but also in the history of the city. The match was very tense, full of tension, fighting to the limit, which became a sign of recognition to the current team of Yahra.
 It started dramatically for the host!
Qadsia did not make a penalty in 12 minutes, as the home-handed goalkeeper Bender defended Dafiri's strike, even the deflected ball managed to get in before and infused a great deal of motivation for his players.
They took home the hosts in the early stages of the game after an extraordinary pressing on the defensive line Qadsie, the ball succeeded in two attempts to win the Jordanian professional Hisham. He pulled the attack directly to the goal, all of which were followed by the attackers of Jahre, Mohamed Saad and Feisal Zaid and right on the timely Hishama dog, Fejsal Zaid succeeds to beat the guest of the guests after 1: 0.
A real euphoria and a signal that an ever-increasing number of fans of Yahra have been listened to and kindly supported their team. The match was then interrupted in a few moments .... because of the overloaded and excessive winding, due to the drone that was too cramped over the field, due to the indignation of the visiting fans, who expressed dissatisfaction with the insertion of plastic flashes with water on the ground and a bench with spare players.
On vacation it took off with 5 minutes of reimbursement!
The second half of the Qadsia is trying to crack the attacks, but the Jahra always answered!
Dangerously performed several counter-attacks and quick attacks and indicated that it would be very dangerous if they allowed more space for the attack. That's exactly what happened. In one of the many exits from the defensive to the offensive formation, with a fascinating control of the ball, Fejsal Zaid even with a play-off game, Qadsie through 3 players manages to bring the ball to a calm centrsut at the 2-point trip where the air duo is given by the Brazilian Tores, who remarkably drops the return ball on the feet of Mohammed Saad, who from the second attempt managed to simply break the net for 2: 0 and indescribable celebration both on the field and on the stands.
The third goal scored a picture of the powerful guys in the white jerseys. After the corner corner of the combination, the dzoker from the bench Dahash hit 3: 0 and it was a sign for an indescribable celebration at the eastern stand of the home fans simultaneously for interrupting the game for 4 minutes due to the great dissatisfaction and disapproval of the visiting fans who by their way know their way players and expert staff with plastic flashes, vocems, incinerators, and a more valuable object such as a telephone and similar could be found there
The 6 minute refund brought another 2 home goals, but the goals scored in the last minute of the game, which does not even reduce this historic victory of the Yahra that now opens the big door in the league and undergoes great appetites this season.