Bunjak: It works incredibly, but to win 5 points in 2 days is full of self confidence


Victory against a great opponent, Qdasie the annals of history as a club against Arabia, the largest 2 Kuwait club will not fool us.

Everything will get on weight if we confirm the results so far in the next round against Kazma and the last round of the first round against Salmya.



5 points in 2 days is an unusual event because FC Jahra in the previous 4 round VIVA superleague played a 2-2 draw with FC Tadamon. As FC Tadamon made a mistake and allowed to appear with 6 foreigners' professionals, FA Kuwait canceled the game Tadamon Jahra and registered a 3: 0 official score for Jahra.

Thus, FC Jahra scored 3 points instead of 1 which was won, which in the sum of the 3 points won against FC Qadsia made the above mentioned 5 points.