Kazma - Jahra 2: 2 (0: 1)
10/27/2017 Kuwait
The start of the match did not reveal an unhealthy event and uncertainty. From the 1st minute, Jahra was the manager of the field and the balance of the ball, shifts occurred in the waves. The loss of the ball is very quickly recoverable. The new estate meant a new domination, but it was a small goal for the goal.
33. min great assisted Feisal Zaid behind the Kazme defense, the ball that combined with goal Moheed Saad, who easily resolves the situation with defending players Kazma and goalkeeper for 0: 1!
The second half was largely a reprise of the first, but the pressure was slightly increased, as Kazma was jumping over midfield, trying to reach the goal. It has to be said with several judicial inconclusive mistakes about deciding on the fouls, although similarly ... there was a great deal of nervousness in the team of the Yahra.
It contributed to 10min before the end of the Kazma equals. A free kick from the left side of the home side managed to make it to the end though there was obviously an offside 2 players from Kazme. The goal of the goalkeeper in the first goal and the mistake of the goalkeeper in the second intervention contributed to the result being paid off. It was not a long time, the new free kick now on the right, after the carambola and a rejection of the ball with a 16 meter head with the head manages to lead to the hosts of the home team when the big celebration of the host takes place.
In the referee's compensation of 4 minutes Jahra manages to satisfy some degree of justice because they achieve a goal for equalization and the celebration has now been passed on to the side of Jahren football players, professional staff, fans who have come in large numbers to paint their team.
All in all, the tradition between these two detention continues with the result of very uncertain games with the addition of non-mile scenes at the end of the encounter.
The race before the end of the Jahra managed to secure the pre-season position at the end of the first round, completely deserved, because it presented itself as a great refreshment in VIVA SUPERLEAGUE