The last round of VIVA SUPERLIGE Kuwait

Friday November 3, 2017

Salmya - Jahra 2: 1


It can not be without drama at matches FC Jahre

A very good game, disciplined, tactically perfect performance was crowned by the players of Jahra at 43min from a great combination of all team lines. Withdraw the ball from the line of defense with a precise and fast forward belt to the young Faiz, placed him in a 1: 2 position in an unfavorable situation. But Faiz very skillfully and bravely enters into a dribbling against 2 defensive player Salmya, who on his own and lucky team managed to score by 0: 1

The other half begins with the chances that run for Jahra, very dangerous attacks and counter-attacks, the players of Jahra do not manage to materialize. Something because of an inaccurate last pass ... something for untimely pass or at the end of an imprecise final shot on the goal. By what time, players who enter the game from the bench once again cost Jahra a loss of points. Unnecessary offense to equalizing penalty and LB Omar who was 5 minutes before replace enable the Salmya equalization.

A slight pressure and a loss of freshness have determined the last 15 minutes of the game, which was further reduced to the unseemly throwing of the ball by the player Salmi in the 16m hole.

After 3 minutes, he compensated how much the referee showed for the recovery of the lost time, Salmi managed to get 1 of the rare air duels at the edge of 16m where Rashidi, the attacker Salmya managed to pass the ball behind the defensive where the suspicious offside position, after the expiration of Firas Alkatib the top scorer of the Kuwait football manages to score his 134 goal for the victory of his team

However, despite the defeat of Jahra, they earned a 2nd position at the end of the first round. The break is coming at the right moment for Jahra because the frequent absences of very important players contributed to the Jahra team stalling in the finals of the first part of the season.

Goals from the game Salmya - Jahra