First round of Prince cup in Kuwait
Subota 18.11.2017
Tadamon - Jahra  0:3
Today, the first round of the Prince Cup in groups has been played. In the "death" group, Jahra started with a victory against Tadamon FC, led by Radojko Avramovic. His debut was not successful, because Jahra dominated in all elements of the game and once again confirmed his strength and team strength.
From the first referee's whistle, they managed the field and did not wait long for the first goal.
Already in the 7th minute was 1: 0 after a very clever match of midfielder Hisham in the heart of the penalty area who had a difficult ball in front of defender Tadamon managed to calm his chest and in the next contact with the ball placed it in the net beside the impossible goalkeeper.
Brazil's Tores, who also showed a mastery over 2:0, took the lead as he dribbled out of his escort and when the goalkeeper was in the match, he managed to outwit it and that was 2:0 in the 15th minute .
Jahra continued with control of all events on the field until the end of the 1st half when the concentration dropped due to which Tadamon reached a somewhat larger possession of the 35 minute goal ... but failed to seriously endanger the goal ... except for the attempt Yusef of Malaysia attackers, who, from a direct hit to the goal hit the pitch.
The second half was a scanned picture of the first ... although coach Avramovic started with 2 new players. Even those changes did not change the balance of forces in the field. Jahra was raising her attacks ... but she also missed what was more difficult to miss than scored. Before the end, after a remarkable ongoing-offensive attack Feisal Zaid makes a miracle on the left, timely and timely assisted Torres who was not hard to put the ball in the goal for his 2nd and Jahra's third goal and the final score 3-0.

Goals from the match Tadamon - Jahra 0:3