Today 19.11.2017
Boris Bunjak: My team is always ready
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When asked by the journalist about the beginning of the Prince Cup and the goals in this competition, Bunjak said
"The most important thing is that we started the competition with victory. We do not care about long-range goals. We focus only on the next match!
Each of the following is the most important and most difficult one for us
Am I satisfied with the start?
Surely. We achieved the goal, we won so important start 3 points, we registered the most convincing win, we are the first in our group. But we have to use a lot of chances because we will not be able to create 5..6 possible occasions in each game
As far as foreigners in my team are concerned, there is no place to talk about some kind of dissatisfaction. The guys are professionals, they do their job, each of us can do more and I expect more from them, but it would be pretentious to say that I'm not satisfied because, yesterday, Tores scored 2 goals, Hisham 1 goal, so they confirm they deserve my trust.
The question about the willingness of my team is outrageous. Every one of my teams has always been physically ready and maximally motivated. It is the obligation of all of us ... to give our maximum in every game. This has long been my trademark, especially when the Kuwait teams are in question, so there is no dilemma whether we are ready for this competition or not.
Both ready and motivated we are waiting for the next match of the Prince Cup with Keith.