Saturday November 25, 2017
Second round Prince of Cup
Keitan - Jahra 0: 4
Jahra has also shown that this is not an accident this season in Kuwait. They made a very convincing and inspirational way through the 2nd round, sent a clear message to all other clubs, that they must count the most seriously with Jahro.
The beginning was indicated by the debilitating Keitana, because the chances were in the waves. It is also very important that the greater number of attacks were brought to the end ... but with a not very effective ending because the first goal was 31min.
At that time, the strongest individual in the game, Obaid, an extraordinary volley with a 20m hit, managed to hit the net and gave priority to the departure of the rest.
2nd half starts as first. Attacks are being made, pressing after a lost possession of the ball works very well, discipline is evident in all segments of the game. When after 15 minutes the result remained unchanged, Coach Bunjak introduced in the corner Mohamed Saad, who with his lucid moves and filigree scrambles managed to play even more matches, so the result was changed in 64 minutes. After a solo penetration of Jordanian professional Ahmed Hishama, the ball was taken by Feisal Zaid, who, from several defensive players, put the ball in the goal for 0: 2. The third goal did not wait long. Jahra was threatened on several occasions from the break and managed to score 0: 3 after the corner kick. A powerful leap and a tremendous blow to central defender Cameroon Aron brings a picture of the dominance of Jahra in the 68th minute.
70. min is already 0: 4! Brazil's Tores managed to take the lost ball in 16m to take it, skillfully prepared the shot and execution was very effective because he "broke through" the net with a strong and precise kick. It can be said that he nevertheless deserved to achieve such an effective goal because he had dropped out in the previous 70 mins to score in very prospective 4 ... 5 opportunities. It can also be said that the Jahra team deserved this serious result shown to the game today.
With 3 new points Jahra is lonely on the whole table because the only team in the group has 6 points from 2 matches, with a goal difference of 7: 0!

Goals from the match Keitan - Jahra