Bunjak: I did not extend my contract with FC Jahra
Regarding the news that as a bomb emerge in Asia, not only in Kuwait we looked for more precise information from the manager who is represented by coach Bunjak Boris, Mr. Fahad:
"We did not sign a new contract! There is a story there, but we think it's early to make such a crucial decision." FC Jahra will definitely take precedence when the time comes for a conversation, but my client is now focusing on games and trainings, so he also wanted to keep an eye on in the season, but we will talk about the new contract later, and the jury will in any case be given priority regardless of when it is decided to talk on this topic.Bunjak is a great professional, the maximum correct in relations so that there is no need for anyone to be worried or suspicious . Boris and his staff are fully focused on the field and team and I would like to provide him with a full concentration for the continuation of the season, because Jahra is never so far in a very prosperous position to achieve great success "