Saturday 02.12.2017
Kazma - Jahra 3:1
In the unexpected edition of the Jahra FC suffered a defeat in today's game. The very beginning was a reminder of the announcement, but for 5 minutes and the incomprehensible mistake of the experienced midfielder Ibrahim, without pressure and reason with the wrong dog in his opponent's opponent's center, gives the opportunity for a dangerous attack. As the rest of the team was in the "opening" phase, they took offensive positions, an unacceptable mistake that Kazma attack costed a change in the score in a 1: 0 counterattack.
The next 10 minutes, the Jahra players failed to consolidate their ranks, so the campaigns were fired for inaccurate passes, even in difficult situations.
However, when the ball began to circulate with more precise additions, the Jahra became dangerous and propelled her by repeated attacks and shots on 2 occasions. As the coach demanded from them by direct attacks without the unnecessary expansion of the game on the sides, one attack of Kazma was stopped already in preparation right behind the center. Immediately following the dog in depth, the attacker Tores ideally extended the ball into the empty space for Mohamed Saad who once again proves his mastery and routinely in the opposite corner sends the ball into the net for 1:1.
With this result, he went on vacation.
The second half begins much better for Jahra. It works more safely in the preparation of the attack and the defense, but several apparent attacks, however, due to the wrong last pass and the wrong decision go backwards. Kazma is trying to counteract her detention and her rare attacks were reduced to a minimum. The 70th minute again unaccountable, unreasonable, inadmissible mistake by also very experienced player of the central defender Ahmed Hasan who from free kick in front of his 16m plays the pass right on his foot an opponent who is 35 meters away from the goal, who has nothing left to take the attack to goal for 2: 1.
There has already been a disappointment and a loss of elan at the player, so the Kazma counterattacks have become more and more dangerous even though the Jahra has been trying and equalization opportunities like Feisal Zaid on two occasions, Tores ....
And again the cardinal error leads to 3 goals. The goalkeeper of the Kazma manages to continue his head to the depths of the defense area of ​​the Jahra where he is caught in the wrong position by the right-hander Adel, who is struck by the inside from the inside and is carried to the goal with his face in the face with the goalkeeper, The final score is 3: 1
Coach Bunjak after a press game:
"This was not my team today. These were not the players that I train. I'm surprised by the number of errors and especially how the mistakes were made. Football is a game of great surprise, but some things in this game are fixed and have game parts where there must be no surprise. If my players surprise me with their incomprehensible decisions and technical errors, this inevitably leads to defeat.
I think that we have contributed more to Kazma's victory than Kazma itself. I do not want to devalue the victory of Kazma, who knew all of our mistakes to punish, but nevertheless we are the ones who at the crucial moments opened up opportunities for them and gave the opportunities that they accepted and punished us. "