Maestral Jahra defeated FC Salmya
In the best game of this season, Jahra managed to revisit the defeat in the league game and screamed again on the table of the Krown Prince Cup.
So far, one team has not shown so much domination in its segments of the game. From the first minute Jahra managed to keep Salmya on their half by pressing. Thus sporadic attacks of Salmya were rare and they ended up very quickly with the change of possession of the ball. When it was supposed to attack Jahra it worked with a large number of players. When it was necessary to take away the ball, they were very aggressive, group and it was thought that Salmya had not managed to get their ranks out of the start.
Their dominance still at the beginning of the Jahra crowned by goal after a wonderful action, a set of midfield and penalties that Feisal Zaid used, routinely for 1: 0. More beautiful action in which they hide the ball of defense Salmya manages to turn into a goal Mohamed Saad. The second half of the same recipe uses Jahra from the first. High pressing, an early arrival in the possession of a ball creates several prospective opportunities and a chance that it fails to realize. And, of course, after the missed opportunity, they get the punishment and the gum of hope for Salmya.
An unwanted contact in the fight for the niche ball striking goalkeeper Bendar collapsing in the legs makes a violation and the penalty shooter managed to realize Feras Alkatib for 2: 1
Shortly there was a hope of reversal. Again, the filigree action and the addition of Feisal Zaid allows young Faiz to show the speed and control of a pressure ball that as an experienced golgeter goes into the net for 3:1
Jahra did not satisfy already secured victory. For a few minutes behind the bench for the bench replacements again, the fantastic acrobatic move - scissors Mohamed Saad crowned his own and the game of the 4:1 team
The goal scored by Salmya in the back of time does not change the image of the extraordinary, inspired release of the boys in the white jerseys who are being blown away by the deserved applause from the stands.

Goals from the match Salmya - Jahra - Prince Cup Kuwait