After several days of bidding with the names of the trainers who will take over the national team of Kuwait after the abolition of sanctions, the football federation of Kuwait, led by the Turkish seaman, decided to entrust the coach with a coach who has been successfull successes with the clubs in Kuwait for the fourth consecutive year.
"This is the crown of my career. I am very proud of the fact that I have the opportunity to try to show my values at this level.
There is not much time for anything except for work, because already on December 22, 2017. the 23 Golf Cup, hosted by Kuwait, starts.
I will do everything to prepare a big derby team in round 1 against Saudi Arabia. The group is very difficult and demanding, but we will show that even after 2 years Kuwait break can be a strong opponent and a high-level challenger in the group "
The group is located next to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, still UAE and Oman, and what is interesting is all the countries in which Bunjak Boris worked as a coach.