12/18/2017 Bahrain
After 2 years of absence from international competitions, the Kuwaiti national team returned to the scene with a friendly match in Bahrain against the domestic team.
Debut on the bench of the Kuwait national team, Boris Bunjak, can be said to be successful with the start, given the really too long suspension and the impossibility of playing at a representative level.
The first half was largely due to the host because the Kuwait team made too many unspecified mistakes with the ball. Also, a slightly slower transition from the defense to the Kuwaiti attack has contributed not to be a major threat to the Bahrain goal, despite a few striking attacks and a hit after the Ali Maxid.
2nd half selector Bunjak makes a triple change, which greatly contributes to a quick game and certainly far better than the start. Bahrain tried to counterbalance the goal, but neither on nor on 2 sides was scored until the end of the match.
Guests can be more satisfied with the points won because they have been continuously in various qualifications and competitions, while Kuwait is the first gathering after 2 years in the first game, and also the last check before the start of the Golf Cup played in Kuwait from 22.12.2017