Kuwait - Saudi Arabia 1: 2
It did not make sense for the host to celebrate the victory in the derby in front of a record 65,000 spectators and their sympathizers. However, for 2.5 years, the break left a trace, but not to the extent that it was expected. Small, miserable position mistakes gave a big eagerness to the Saudi team because in 13 minutes he came to a light lead after a wrong assessment of domestic defensive players
It was not the leadership that knocked out the selectors of Bunjak Boris. They returned with a more organized and inspired game. Wearing fantastic cheering during the entire game of their fans, they increasingly took control of the game.
At half-time, coach Bunjak made the first change.
Instead of 1 of 2, Sultan's defensive midfielder introduces a debutant, young and very mobile and motoristic, aggressive and without a ball and a ball, Red Chania. From the start, Kuwaiti team took the initiative and won the field. The audience was even more tremendously wearing their team and it was only a matter of moments when they would equalize. But ... football would not be so interesting that it does not carry a countless surprise. In the domination period of hosts, Saudi Arabia comes up with a new gift and a great advantage of 0.2
At the same time, Bunjak sends the offensive and very penetrating Breki who, in the first contact with the ball, after the excellent assistant captain Bedara Motawe gets a run with a defensive player and a routine sprint on the right, he wants the ball in the net, school, in the opposite corner of the goal .
Euphoria in the stadium gives new energy to the boys in blue jerseys. They scattered in the field and in the waves attacked and pressed the visiting team towards their chest.
There were chances and good attacks. There was a strong pressing after the loss of the ball ... of very good progress ... the danger was lurking from all sides. The Saudi team begins to calculate fictitious injuries ... rolling around in the field, searching for a break. They earned a home equation! They were not rewarded even in 80 minutes, as the head of Fahad Al-Anezia went straight to the tripod. The last chance and the biggest chance for Kuwait goes back 90 minutes when the ideal center shoot of Maestral Bedara Motaw, Feisal Zaid does not succeed in turning into a goal. Kuwait deserved better results. Saudi Arabia had to be satisfied with 1 point, but luck was still at the guests' stage and Kuwait would seek a chance in the next match against the team of Oman.