Kuwait 12/25/2017
Kuwait - Oman 0: 1
2 round 23 Golf Cup
Kuwait again showed a very good game in front of the crowded stadium and fantastic support from their fans, but one wrong assessment by the main referee decided this very difficult game.
65,000 fans deserved a more decent outcome of this game, Kuwait's team also earned a better result with their professional approach, all that makes football the world's most important minority, could be seen in the match tonight.
The changed composition from the previous game indicated a somewhat quick, more aggressive game. Given that Oman is an athlete and a very demanding opponent, he was a very good move by selector Bunjak to decide on the composition that has absolutely interacted with the team of the Oman team and physical team.
The first half - chess game of 2 trainers. Oman in the defensive block with 10 players in front of the ball, Kuwait very good transition and quick change of the pass suits.
There is not a lot of chance either in front of one goal, because it plays responsibly, aggressively, nobody allows too much space for anyone. There are countless wild souls in the whole field, the duels in which they go with full force, raise the game to a high level and place more and more demands on the players. It was a long wait for the first chance that Oman first came after the semi-concussion and the deep ball to the 16m host. The home keeper Hamed with timely exit and routine placement manages to prevent the shot of the Oman attackers.
Several attempts from the distance from the distance do not bring about a change in the results, but Kuwait was dangerous especially by captain Bedar following the dribbling between the two players, as well as the left back of the "blue" Dhari before the end of Part 1.
2 half times the same picture Combat for every meter of the field, for each ball makes the game even more interesting. And then on the scene comes the Qatari Judge who in the harmless attack of Oman, probably the only one in the stadium sees the penalty for the penalty and that detail, turned out eventually decided the match.
The support from 65 000 throats did not cease, on the contrary, it became even stronger. Bunjak selector introduces Agip attackers instead of offensive linker Breki. On 2 occasions it could very quickly be turned into a successful change, because Agip was in good shape.
Increasing domestic pressure on the last line of the Oman team brings countless moments to end the attack in a 4: 4 ratio!
The 2nd change announces a more direct game to the goal of the guests. Instead of wingbacked Fahad Alenezi, goal scorer Mohamed Saad enters third place and Rade Hanija enters Dhafiri instead of defensive midfielder. All of them gave their contribution even more pressure on goals scored, but not even the precipice affected by Feisal Zaid did not change the result after a head injury.
5 minutes of compensation, spending on interruptions mostly, and after the last refereeing of the referee an incredible scene on the field. Players fall as maimed. Domestic players are disappointed by the result and guests are away from fatigue. Certainly, each and every one deserves all the congratulations for the presented game, which can be said to be the best seen on the previous tournament.