12/28/2017 Al Jaber Stadium Kuwait
Kuwait: UAE 0: 0
The 3rd game in the group, according to all the best matches of both teams, is still finished without goals. UAE with a new coach, experienced Zakeroni, with a new strategy and tactics 3: 4: 3. Kuwait with Bunjak in the formation of 4: 2: 3: 1, but with all lines of the team refreshed against the previous match. The Kuwait team certainly has a greater reason for satisfaction because it completely neutralized the emitted in the start of the action, and on the other hand, with the very fast circulation of passes, managed to conquer space and very dangerously bring the attacks to the end.
There were also tough duels, a fight for the ball and every meter of the field, but all that makes football beautiful was on the Kuwaiti side. The UAE was trying to disturb the goal from the distance, when it was not already able to find the way to the net, but it also ended unsuccessfully in the UAE.
The match came in a strong rhythm and hovered uncertainty in the air, who would score the first goal.
The first one was selected by selector Bunjak. Not too agile Agepa is changing with very quick and unpleasant Breki. Kuwait pressure, the UAE is increasingly trying to counterattack to reach the goal. The home team have the answer and for this infamous, we believe a completely unexpected way to reach Kuwaiti goal!
Kuwait obviously wants more victory, is increasingly in the possession of a ball, a dangerous attack and puts 9 players in front of the UAE!
Wearing ever more support from the stands, again filled with the Kuwait "blue" stadium, they come to the most apparent opportunity precisely through the fresh Breki, whose blow after the extraordinary centershoot on the left, somehow the emirates managed to turn to the corner.
Bunjak once again shows that he does not think to "close" the game by introducing defensive players. Instead of wingman Fahad Alenezi, Ali Maxid is also offensive. And the last change, instead of Feisal Zaid, the entry of the playmaker Meshari confirmed that Bunjak had finally come out with a consistent desire to win. On the other hand, Zakeroni introduces a defensive midfielder, and just before the end of the attack, who also changes the attackers.
The big applause at the end of the meeting, the call of the players to come to the eastern table shows the great satisfaction of the audience with the editions of his team, regardless of 2 defeats in the first games, the audience rewarded the applause and scandals by the players as well as the expert staff. A very nice and emotional picture of welcoming cheerleaders and removing from the field of the player and expert staff, leaves the impression that the stadium will be filled again in the next appearances of "blue" whether it's a friendly or official match.