Today, 01/03/2018 Jahra, Kuwait
Bunjak again in blue
After completing the Kuwait national team, Bunjak coach joined FC Jahra.
A warm welcome, embroidered with gifts and an inevitable cake with the trainer's image, made the first training of Jahra FC after the participation of coaches and three players at the prestigious 23 Golf Cup.
In a solemn atmosphere, the players were addressed by the Director Mr Mohamed Ali, Coach Bunjak as well as Mr Feisal
According to the calendar, 3 final rounds of the Prince Cup will be played for the next 15 days, so Jahru expects 09.01.2018 matches on neutral ground against Sahil.
The first, perhaps the decisive game with FC Qadsia, will be played on January 13, 2018, and the last game with Al Naser will give the answer that the first-placed 2 teams go to the semifinals.