01/05/2018 Kuwait
23 Golf Cup Completed
Oman winner
Expected finalists from the group A, which was known as the "group of deaths", brought an unexpected final
Oman, which was not a favorite no. 1 in the group with the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, yet earned this prestigious trophy.
The finals, which filled the Al Jaber Stadium to the last place, 65,000 spectators, did not bring too high quality football. Oman showed a goal to score, the UAE primarily took care not to score.
In such Chess extrusion, without a lot of chance, a game that came out in the finale brought a drama.
Penalty for UAE in 89 minutes!
The conviction of the Oman player with the Kuwaiti judge did not help. But the goalkeeper of the Oman national team, Al Rashidi, who read the intentions of the captain of the UAE, Omar and played the game in a 2 x 15 min
Even extensions did not give the winner, so they joined the penalties.
And again, drama. And again the brilliant goalkeeper of the Oman team emerges as a winner.
All the performers were very safe from the first to the last, in both teams. And then, the last six-man for the UAE captain Omar and goalkeeper Al Rashidi, eye in the eye ..... Omar changes the side against the previous penalty, but the goalkeeper changes his decision and moves to the right side, defends sout and gives his team a chance to In the last attempt he won a trophy!
That's exactly what happened. Johar, unbreakable, drives the delirium delusion deluge in the red-dominated stadium.
The immense celebration lasted long, during the medal ceremony and the cup, and it culminated when the cup arrived in front of the fans of Oman who patiently waited for the moment with the songs on the stands.