Thursday 11.01.2018
Bunjak: It is not easy to beat Qadsi 2 times in a row!
Before the derby, before the deciding game that can decide the 2nd round before the end of the semi-finalist of the Prince Cup, the brighter atmosphere is felt in both camps.
FC Jahra from the leading position enters Qadsia with 1 point behind.
"The victory in the first game against Qadsia absolutely now does not mean anything, it's pointless to mention it at all." Every game is a story for itself. This prince has a special weight because he decides not only who will qualify for the semifinals, but also from which position he will I'm going to go to the semifinals from group A. It's not easy to win the Qadsia 2 times in a row, and I expect a very tough game in which my boys are first to show character, heart and then knowledge and skill. , because it would be pretentious to take the role of a favorite when playing against a club like Qadsia. "