Kuwait 22.1.2018
They do not squeeze the heat of scandalous controversy!
Even after four days, there is no clutter of the discontent caused by Judge Ali Mahmud at the Al Naser-Jahr match.
With his scandalous trial, he managed to turn not only the football public against himself, but all the sporting Kuwait.
Countless analyzes, images of the "controversial" moments of the analysis of former and current judges, experts and very competent people to talk about this topic, joined the debate and unambiguously, absolutely without exception, condemning the cardinal mistakes of the judges in the aforementioned game.
The football Federation of Kuwait has not yet announced any possible sanctions, even with a statement. They calculate a very long time penalty, even a deletion from the list, although it is a high-ranking judge in the FA who is also on the list of the Asian Federation and FIFA.
The great dissatisfaction of the clubs, first of all, caused a lack of confidence in the judiciary committee, so it goes so far, that their confidence is questionable. Clubs will ask FA Kuwait to derby games and decisive matches in the future by the referee, which is also a new blow to FIFA's "wounded" Football Association.
FC Jahra announced an official press release, as well as a very sharp protest letter from FA Kuwait. He is strongly condemned by Judge Ali Mahmoud, calls for re-examination of his intentions, rigorous sanctions are required and the big damage that the club suffers from the expulsion from the Prince Cup. FC Jahra was in the 1st or 2nd place in the group of 8 clubs from the 1st round. She was the most serious candidate for the semifinals although she had opponents in the group such as Qadsia, Arabi, Salmy, Kazma ....
In a very rude and ruthless way, it is prevented from reaching the semifinals, therefore, and perhaps to the finals, so that there remains a bitter taste for all the supporters of Blue Color and all true football fans, about the unusual and scandalous prevention of a sports team to achieve great success.
No semi-final matches could have been taken into the second plan of the referee's decision on the match of Al Naser Jahra. Each decision on these two matches was comparable to that match.
Fortunately, there were no controversial moments, so we got the expected finalists. But when it is known that at the match of Al Naser Jahra there was also no disadvantage, but only controversial only for the referee, then only waiting for the decisions of the judicial organization remains, for what measures will be taken decide when it comes to their acquaintance.
Coach Bunjak, after match:
"For a long time I'm in football, 23 years as a footballer, 30 years as a coach, I've watched everything and everyone on the ground around the world." There were big mistakes and big oversights. see all the events on the field from a special angle, out of the field from our ... viewers in the stands from your own angle, TV viewers again from another perspective. But ..... if a judge makes one big mistake, does not increase attention and concentration for the continuation of the game, but it starts in a series of errors ... and this series of errors is exclusively against one team! I have to ask myself, and all of us who are in football and sports at all:
What are the intentions of the referee when he makes so many mistakes against one team, that the other team does not object to the team!
Were all these difficult decisions about deciding the crucial moments to follow the smile on a judge's face?
Why so much defiance and "security" in my decision that the cleared goal was canceled after the work of my players ..... Why even before the ending of the duels and throwing of my player by the player of Naser in 16m and the obvious penalty, even before the violation ended he immediately shakes his hand, apparently, ready not to smash a penalty shot .... 3 penalty penalties 1 clear regular goal goal, countless inaccurate judgments on my team's damage is too much for one game, too much for one referee, it is too much for tolerance within the limits of sports frame .... "