14.02.2108 Kuwait
Kuwait FC - Jahra FC 2: 3
Great victory after 21 years of waiting ...
What a team has failed this season, and the series has been extended since 2016
Since when Kuwait FC does not know for defeat, FC Jahra has done it!
A big and significant win at a very important moment for Jahra, after a series of refereeing errors and an inevitable drop in the table on 3rd place. The win gets on weight even more, when it is known that Jahra for 21 years has not managed to win in the first match FC Kuwait !!!
Everything was on the side of the Kuwait FC ..... score difference, a leader in the table, an unbroken series of victories and a huge confidence, even a tradition .... but football would not be what it is to not organize such moments.
The opening is open on both sides, but without a clear ending on either side. Kuwait tries to get through the short, long balls to complete the attack, but Jahra has the answers. It was so by 10 am when the defensiveness of the defending players of the Jahra revived and gave Kuwait FC a chance to easily reach the 1: 0 lead.
The dog behind the back of the footers, the indecision of the goalkeeper Bender and defender Ahmed gave the host an opportunity to gain the lead.
It did not cause nervousness in the ranks of the Yahra, but it did not give the new elan Kuwait FC either.
It was not a long wait for equilibrium. 20 min free kick at about 30 m of the right-hand side. The position is higher for the center than for a direct hit to the goal. Still, Feisal Zaid would not be that it was not always ready to surprise.
He opted for a direct hit on the goal and managed to squeeze the goalkeeper Hamid. The ball hits the ball and refuses to take the field on which Humud Mills gets in and settles the result with a header 1: 1
Five minutes behind it. New break, again free kick is performed by Feisal Zaid. Now the ball is shot from the side right on the head of Cameroon's Ronaldo who is in the net for 1: 2. Jahra gets the necessary peace in the dog game ... Kuwait is a little nervous with broken attacks. But it still succeeds in equalizing in the last minute of the reimbursement of the 1 half time. Once again, the reckless recklessness and inevitability of the defense of the guests took place, even thought that the offside was the position of the attackers who scored, but the video resolved the dilemma. Regular for 2: 2.
At the very beginning of the 2nd half Jahra gets an irreplaceable advantage of 2: 3 after the extraordinary result of Ronaldo, the strikers who with their 2nd goal in the game returns self-confidence to both themselves and the team. There were chances on both sides. But more attacks or breaks with the ball in 16m by Kuwait FC.
Jahra threatened Kuwait with a counterattack. He even had more chances over Feisal, Ronald, young Faiza ...
Coach Bunjak made 2 changes, which were refreshed by the team, and the third change is crucial to "close" the match because the offensive midfielder Alati changes the left back Omar, which enters the line 4 of the beard as 5 which led to the move of the left wing of Walid for only place to the stops and thus they were closed everyone is approaching the goal.
By the end of the Jahra has another 100% chance for 2: 4 but Ronald faces the goalkeeper's face and does not manage to achieve his het trick and provide his team with a more convincing victory.
The great edition of the Jahra, earned a great celebration after the match on the court and the court.