Bunjak: I warned about organized actions that permanently stopped us !?


The passions were stirred after the new defeat of Jahra FC against Arabi FC. The position on the table, weird defects pointed to what the head of the expert staff spoke directly after the embarrassing elimination from the Prince Cup .... 3 unsuspected penalties, the regular goal against Naser FC was reversed .... that this is not only a case and a set of random errors arbitrators.
From the game in the match the same defects to the damage of Jahra FC were repeated, in the TV analysis of the experts for the trial, there was no dilemma that the Jahra was damaged in every game several times! Coach Bunjak was in a difficult task to lift the team after such defeat, because the team needed a psychologist more than a coach.
Somehow he managed to motivate players for each game, although there is too little time between matches, only 4 days!
The reserve stock melted and led to a fall in the table when the safe offered and confidence in him and his work on the analysis.
There was no dilemma or need for the board to think of a trusted coach who, for four years, managed to make a big step forward with each team. The break that took place due to the FIFA term has nevertheless brought a detailed analysis of the past 2 days in FC Jahra. To the detail, the scanned situation from all angles was made separate meetings with the players.
The conclusion is that the professional part is done in a professional and appropriate way, the disputes produced in nervousness and affect after the games between the players will be overcome, and the break until the continuation of the season will be used for recovery and maximum preparation for the remaining 5 rounds.
League continues on 31/03/2018. match against Kuwait FC