Goodbye Jahra .... Hello Qadsia ....!?
Is the next station of coach Bunjak Qasia or .....
During the media, FC Qadsia and Bunjak Boris have been linked through the media. The fans have said their "welcome" to the coach through voting and support to the administration, the move is led by Qadsia FC
Bunjak refrains from commentary, with a great deal of respect for FC Qadsia, so the entire story is wrapped up with a higher dose of mystery.
This is not the first time that there is a possibility of joining under the common interest of trainers and this great trophy club .... but both sides are very cautious and mysterious as ever.
Of course, there is no doubt that there is a mutual desire, the fact that a large group of footballers FC Qadsia has already worked with Bunjak in the national team, so it is expected that this cooperation will continue in the club.