Bunjak Boris, a Serbian coach, after long negotiations on a new destination, is on a new challenge.
Nejmeh FC, the biggest and most trophy club from Lebanon, has managed to reach an agreement with an experienced coach who immediately takes over the team and prepares for a big competition such as the Arab Cup in which Al Ahly from Egypt is opposed to the opponent!
No greater challenge, nor the opponent's weight, but Bunjak is still optimistic:
I am pleased that after 5 years of working in Kuwait, I gained the trust of one big club like Neymah FC
I will try to win a trophy with the trophy club ... and above all I want the title of the champion of Lebanon.
I think the team has the strength and quality to do it with me.
I have a week to prepare a debut match against the great Al Ahli, who is an absolute favorite in 2 matches, but .... football would not be what it is to not make a lot of surprises.