8/13/2018 Egypt, Alexandria
The biggest surprise of the elimination round of the Arab Cup!
The biggest Arab and African club Al Ahly, who counts as the main favorite to win the prestigious Arab competition, has failed to find a way to win the Neymah team from Beirut.
Led by Serbian coach Bunjak, who was debutant on the bench Nejemeh fc, he managed to close all the way to the goal of the Lebanese goal and to put the most troublesome Arab and African club on top.
The match that has been declared a lightweight passage of Al Ahli into the new round has brought a lot of excitement ... especially to the ranks of the Egyptian giant, who absolutely looked powerless against the highly organized Nejmeh team.
Dominated by the Egyptians by the poses.lopte ... but Neymah with aggressive defense and high degree of concentration all the attacks interrupted the whole range of their goal except for the breaks which inevitably had to end in 16m
An extraordinary shot with about 25m goalkeeper Abass leads the corner of the fingers to the corner in the half of the first half and this was the most serious opportunity for the host to get to the advantage.
A pair of counterattacks of the Lebanese champion did not give a result, so the rest went off 0: 0
The other half expected some change in hosts .... more diverse attacks ... but as if the first coach Bunjak wanted to win, he made the first change. The high wingman Ali Salman replaces the experienced Akram.
After 10 minutes, Bunjak changes the left-wing attackers ... obviously wanting to refresh their midfield, by introducing Anan, a connector that tactically perfectly justifies entering.
The last change, wanting to close the game that is about to be scored, Bunjak is making the third step and the fifth (!) Beating in the last line in Bitar in 80 minutes, which closes every idea of ​​the Al Ahli team to score a goal.
Great point and great hope that in the promising result in the Beirut revival before the full-fledged stadium, Nejmeh will seek the path to historical success.
Bunjak at a press conference:
"after only 8 days of working with the team, we have come to a result that gives us a great impetus for further work. I am very pleased that my team made this very demanding game against a really big opponent.
In preparation for the match, I knew that we can not take possession of the ball of Ahli. We also had to close all the naked goal, because Ahly has a big repertoire for the ending. From the punching of the hips, the duplication to the center of the shot ... by passing the ball between the defensive players in the zone of the shot ... etc ...
We allowed Ahli to control the ball and the task of my players was to control the space !!!
That's why it might have seemed that Ahly dominated ... because he mostly saw the game ... but we managed to point them out to everything we were ready for
This is only the first half, we are not getting distracted we will have a nice job in the revenge, because we do not forget about the kind of champion we play. We will do everything to repeat all the good things from the evening game and try to give something more ... something new ... because it is obvious that such a great edition of my boys was enough only for the rematch "