19.8.2018. Beirut, Lebanon
The great derby, the Lebanese classic, came to the Serbian coach
Nejmeh fc - Ahed fc 3: 1
The biggest rivals in Lebanon shared the megdan today at the national stadium and admired the spectacular spectacle fans.
3 hours before the match, the fans Nemejh fc began to fill the stands.
Great passion and love for the club showed songs and scans of the name of the player and trainers all the time of the derby.
Derby, like every derby, brought a thrill of excitement. The first was Ahed fc after the corner and assisted games. Centershoot, on the other hand, was not well followed by the defense of Neimech, and at the very beginning, the reason for the grand celebration had a supporters of yellow color on the stands.
For a long time, they put pressure on Aheda goalkeepers Nejemeh. Several outstandingly great chances do not fail to turn into a goal, but that great players play big matches, Matouk confirmed a beautiful goal from a free kick in the 44th minute
The other half, Rhapsody players in "white" jerseys. 55. It was already clear who will go to the finals of the Elite Cup. Nadeer, midfielder Nejmeh fc in solo penetration, scored 3 opponents of the opponent and with 20m hit the goal from which the ball was bounced on the net. 2: 1 .... indescribable celebration on the stands and on the field.
Soon afterwards, the third goal, which decorated the match. On Nadeer's assistance, the dog behind the defenses of Ahed's defender, unsustainable Hassan manages to lobby the unpredictable goalkeeper of the "yellow" that caused the eruption of excitement and the great celebration of the supporters Nejemeh fc
After the match at the press conference coach Bunjak:
It's always hard to get a derby. Always decide the details here. You must be psychologically strong and persistent to leave some consequences to some people.
At the opening of the match, we received a goal, which is a sincere, little outburst of concentration. But ... we continued to do things that we agreed, we managed to win first ourselves and then a big opponent.
I am very happy because of the player, because their great efforts have returned through the earned result.
I am grateful to the fans on great support and when it was a negative result.
We wanted to send a clear message to all the teams that Neymacho fc both seasons and I think we have done a great deal!