Bunjak Boris won the first trophy with his new club in Lebanon
Neymeh FC: Akhaa FC 1: 0
The Finals of the Elite Cup in Lebanon brought 11 trophies of this competition, fc Nejmeh
A series of very difficult matches with the most severe opponents was successfully crowned with a winning victory in the finals.
The game of not high rhythm, however, was full of excitement, but only in front of the Akhaa fc goal
Nejmeh created several very prospective opportunities, even the players managed to miss the empty goal, but obviously the result of the derby left a trail, so the Nejmeh fc players acted deconcentrated at the most critical moments.
Even two unaccounted ones did not hinder the coach Bunjak to confirm their quality and bring a big celebration for the 11th time in this competition.
The decision was made by the former Arabi fc player who already had the opportunity to co-operate with coach Bunjak in 2014/2015. But Salman managed to escape the savers and beat the Akhaa fc goalkeeper in the solo penetration and thus brought great joy to the stands, which were mostly filled with Nejmeh fc fans.
Bunjak after finishing match for MTV tv:
"The finals are always the most confident game. It's more of a fight of nerves and concentration in the beginning, but in the end, however, the victory and the trophy go hand in hand with a more experienced and better rival."
I am very proud of this trophy because I am very short with these guys. We managed to understand ourselves very quickly, that the progress that has been made is a turning into a result that has not only brought us joy, but it gives us a new force and motivation, certainly an obligation, to try to achieve the next week to win more one trophy like SupeKup.