Today, 23.7.2019 in the media center FC Kazma
Promotion of the new head of the professional staff of Bunjak Boris
In front of a large number of journalists, written, electronic media and TV stations Kazma FC presented coach Bunjak Boris with his expert staff and program for the 2019/2020 season
After nine years of ambition, the club has grown to an inevitable battle for some of the trophies that await for a long time in the club.
When asked what this challenge is for him, the coach with a high rating in Kuwait answers:
"The history of the club, the trophies that decorate the showcases of my current club are a challenge and a motive to make this season much more successful than all of the previous ones. I think that I have very good players who are the body of the club with 5 foreigners who will have to be on the high level and certainly some young players who always have a big chance in my life, we will make MIX experience of knowledge and youth, which I ... I believe give the expected result.
Teams need new energy, I bring with their expert staff and their work and especially their own understanding of football that is progressing more and more every day. "