We do not bother with the ultimate reach and goals. We focus only on every next match, regardless of the competition.
A good start at the Prince Cup is just a confirmation of the serious work of my guys, of which I always expect the maximum.
Team and club this season is at a new high level, it is necessary to adapt to this fact too.
Jahra FC is a serious opponent of every club now, and the players will have to fight with the pressure of favorites in many games.
Confirmation of good results could not pass without FC Jahra's reaction. After more than 30 years, fans have returned to the stadium organically. They give great support to the team even at guest appearances, which is unseen in club history.
Bunjak: I'm unusually happy and proud of the fact that every game we play is played by our fans everywhere. Certainly there is a significant support to the team, but at the same time it is the obligation to provide maximum in each game.
We will do everything to bring them together in a larger number.