Kuwait 24 02.2018
Qadsia - Jahra 1: 2
After a shocking defeat in the previous round of Tadamon, Jahra continues to haggle his supporters, but this time it was a positive juice that Jahra brought back to 2nd place.
Match in a difficult time for both teams. They both had to recover after the defeat in this game. Qadsia, as a host, after a surprising time for the Caucasian side, the rain that poured in front of the game before the match and a good part of the 1st half on a well prepared pitch with a slightly changed squad was not capable of responding to the aggressive Jahra, at moments inspired, and above all, motivated.
Jahra openly made it clear from the beginning that she did not come to defend, bravely attacked, attacks Qadsia stopped in time, but still Qadsia came to the first chance in 15 minutes when a strong volley with 11m goalkeeper Bendar managed to defend. Jahra has the answer. Through his now-killing shooter, Ronald managed to get to the lead.
The filigree double waist with Feisal, excellent preparation of the 16m edge, unbridledly cracked the net of the representative goalkeeper Rashidi. 0: 1 and a great confidence to continue. Qadsia is not killing, but mostly attacks leading up to 16m. At the moment, Jahra interrupts a recognizable dog-game Qadsie, and in the last minute of the 1st half over Ajarash, he does not manage to double the lead, although Jahra's midfielder found his fathers in the eye with goalkeepers.
2nd half Qadsia is starting to change to try to change the course and the result of the match.
But now the Jahra comes to the first chance again over Ronaldo, who does not succeed in the right-hand centersoot on the right, as well as the notorious goalkeeper Rashidija, who with a short belt allows Ronaldo to reach the ball from the home footsteps in 16m but unfortunately, wet the pitch and speed made it difficult for Ronald to lose his balance and fall when slipping into the goal. Opportunity goes to the back. Qadsia is forced to go to anything or nothing; her time is not her ally, Jahra is sure of being secure in the waist, threatened by half-time and then a momentous moment at the edge of 16m. The attacker Qadsie makes a dribbling, the leg of Jahra's beating is on the foot of the attackers .... penal!?
The referee shows that the game, assistant referee, has no assistance. The nerves are caught by the players in the yellow jerseys. Jahra has an attack on the left side through the very disagreeable Feisal. At the entrance to the 16th defender, Qadsia, the obvious foul rushes off Feisal, who secured the final shot. Judge, on a general surprise, plays counter-faul !!! ??? In order to protect his completely wrong decision, a yellow card will be attacked by the Jahre!
It's incomprehensible, but not new when the Jahra is concerned, because this is the 7th penalty that has not been played for Jahra in the last three compartments.
Drama in the end!
90th minute goal for Qadsiu. Typical action Qadsia, the 1-touch belt in front of 16m after the 3 dodge comes to an equalizer of 1: 1, it would still be unloaded.
But .... football would not be what it is that does not make a miracle. 6 minutes back and in 93 minutes a free kick for Jahra after a foul over Feisal Zaid. Position for center shot .... all players are on line 16m Qadsia.
An extraordinary midfielder runs to the goal of the Qadsie players, on it is run by the reserve Adil, who exits the ball in the net for the indescribable celebration of Jahra players, reservists, skilled staff and fans.
Justice is satisfied. The big opponent was beaten once again, now on their field, and Jahra deservedly returned to 2nd place 2 rounds before the end of the second part of the season.